Strength in Old Age Programme 

Health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) has proved to be an efficient and cost-effective method to promote well-being of older people. The national Strength in Old Age Programme aims to launch evidence-based health exercise for independently living older adults (75+ years of age) who are at an increased risk of functional decline. 

The aim is achieved by developing and increasing the following services: 

  • exercise counseling 
  • guided strength and balance training 
  • opportunities for daily exercise and outdoor exercise 

The Program activities are organized in cooperation between NGOs and the public sector by implementing the good HEPA practices developed in the Programme. The implementation is carried out in the municipalities that have been selected to the 3-year Program period. Age Institute provides the municipalities with tailored mentoring support, coordination, and evaluation.  

The Program has undergone three time periods , with NGO participation in the first period of 20052009, 38 municipalities in the second period of 20102015 and 48 municipalities in the third period of 20162021. The fourth time period started in 2021 and it’s ongoing.

The Programme receives most of its funding from the Finnish gaming company Veikkaus. 

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